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We love partnerships!

Our long-term goal will always be to build strong relationships and partnerships with companies whose values align with ours.

Why partner with
Punta Nero?

We have catered video production to the recruitment industry. This means that we have researched and tested what works best in terms of video for recruitment, discovered new ways to use videos in the industry, and have made the process streamlined. We can do the same for you! We have already partnered with some amazing companies to offer their industry the best recruitment videos.

A partnership with Punta Nero means...

You can provide your customers and industry with a personalized video service and bring another source of income to your company. We become your dedicated video team, providing you with the support to open a video branch of your company. Our Partner rates mean you can get approximately 25% profit from every video project you supply to your customers or industry.

We work with recruiters just like you!