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how to feel like a natural in front of the camera
How to feel like a natural in front of the camera

The first thing to clarify is that if you look uncomfortable in front of the camera, you will transmit that discomfort to the people who see you.
that’s why we came to save the day with these tips to look comfortable and natural in front of the camera, whether for an interview, a video blog, or the audiovisual project of your company.

1.- Look directly into the camera’s eye. take a deep breath and look naturally at the camera, if you have to blink do it, please
do not look at the camera without blinking, you do not want to look like a serial killer.
let your body do what it has to do. At the beginning, it can be of great help that you put the image of a person on the camera.

2.- Speak slowly and project your voice. paying attention to a video is more difficult than in person. talking fast generates interference in your message, speak
loud and clear, at first it can be uncomfortable, try to direct your voice to someone you want to actively convince. On camera you talk like singing, you just have to find the rhythm, make a couple of attempts.

3.- Relax your posture and choose to move your hands to speak or not.If you want to move your hands, do it slowly to the rhythm of your voice and with confidence. If you decide not to move them, calmly put your arms in a comfortable and relaxed position
Remember to avoid looking with your whole body towards the camera, it is more natural to be slightly to the side.

4.- If you are standing, plant your feet on the ground, do not move unnecessarily, that can send the wrong message of insecurity, Plant your feet on the ground and only move them if you need to show off in the video.