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Creative Video
Why use video?
How to make a creative video
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It’s no surprise that videos are a powerful marketing tool. Most companies use them; the tough part is to stand out.


Using video in the right way can transform your company

In business, video is becoming an essential part of many companies marketing plans. Whether you want to show people what your company is about or reach out to new potential customers – video is a great solution. For instance, explainer videos, showcasing your company culture and business ethics are some great examples of how you can use videos to enhance your company’s online presence.


Every great video starts with an idea; our job is to work with you to make that idea become a reality. Beginning with a meeting, we ask questions to help begin to structure the video. For example, some primary questions may be what your goals are for the video, where will the video be published and who is your target audience – this helps us begin to structure and design the video. Next, we will design a storyboard before creating a pre-production form of the video. This will provide an in-depth insight into what the final video will look like and allow us to consider any amendments or suggestions.


Now we make the video. Every video requires a different amount of effort and time. some may take a full set, others may use various stock footage. It may take a full set or some stock footage. There isn’t really a way to know what it will take until the storyboard is complete. After everything is filmed or all footage is acquired, we move onto the editing.


The editing process will mostly happen behind the scenes. We will lay out the whole video then add any animations or complex transitions. Correcting the colour of all the footage is an often overlooked step that is then followed by colour grading. Once the full video is edited, we send you a preview link where you can add comments to exact timestamps and sections of the video. We then go back and correct all this and hand in the final video.

Creative video
Why use video?
How to make a creative video
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