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Job advertisements that include videos get 8x more engagement than those with images or text!

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How does it work?


We create a video template that is made from stock footage related to your industry, animated text and infographics. We use your logo and brand guidelines to make sure the videos are on brand.


Once the template is made, you can send the details to a job advertisement and we will add the information to the template. This template can be used for as many job advertisements as you want.

How much does it cost?


The template, including all the stock footage, text animations and infographics costs

£ 0


Once you have the template, filling it out with your job advertisement information costs

£ 0

What else?

Unlimited job advertisements

Once you have the template, this can be made into an unlimited amount of videos.

Retainer + Job advertisement

We have already applied a discount to job advertisement videos but stacking it with a retainer can get you the best bang for your buck!

Vimeo management

Ensure all your job advertisements are organised for easy access. We can also embed a contact box that pops up at the end of your video!

We work with recruiters just like you!

Our only goal is to enhance your recruitment agency with video.