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We have trialled and tested many forms of videos, here are the ones that work best
for recruitment agencies.

For you

For customers

For candidates

Being trustworthy is an important part of recruitment. Showing the people that run a company is a great way to build that trust.

We all know testimonials are incredibly powerful. Video testimonials are just that one step further.

Need your product or service explained? Make it easy for your audience and use video.

Create a company history or get the history of an employee in the industry you specialize in.

A great way to add value to your customers is with video. Create a meet the team video for them.

It’s important to show candidates the type of company they are applying to work for. Create a video on their values.

Job advertisements with a video get 8 times more engagement than advertisements without.

Help your candidates get the job by giving them tips on how to write an attractive cv, smash interviews and more.

Create videos that show your candidates an example of what a good job interview looks like.

Bulk shooting...

We can create over 25 individual videos from a single day of Filming!

Bulk shooting is the most cost-effective way to fill up your social media with engaging videos. Keeping a consistent online presence is important in the modern world. With bulk shooting, you can get months worth of content in one day of filming.

Explainer videos

Exactly what it sounds like

Need your product or service explained? Make it easy for your audience and use video! Whether it is an animation, talking to the camera, or a bit of both, explainer videos are an engaging and simple way to explain something to a customer. Put it this way, if the audience doesn’t understand what you are selling, they won’t buy it.

We work with recruiters just like you!

Our only goal is to enhance your recruitment agency with video.