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Why us ?

What a great question!

We only work in the recruitment sector. This makes us the only video production professionals for recruitment in the UK!

We are TRN partners. This means that we are a member of the biggest network of recruitment companies in Europe. We work closely with TRN to bring our customers the latest information when it comes to marketing and using videos in the recruitment industry.

Also, all TRN members get a 10% discount!
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Case Study

Zitko Group

We began working with Zitko in August 2019. George had the idea of implementing video into parts of his company. One of his ideas was to book a film day with one of his customers and create multiple videos in one go. The first film day was an immediate success.

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From that one day of filming, we had created 3 videos that the company could use for themselves, 2 videos on the industry and a video that they would send to candidates applying for the job. Since then, Punta Nero has been working with Zitko, creating videos that have helped them bring new talent into the industry, build their brand, add value to their customers and enhance their candidate’s experience.

We work with recruiters just like you!